World of Wildlife
Educational Comic Book
Learn about different habitats and how animals live in the wild, and how everyone can help protect their area's wildlife. Learn more...
  • 16 pages, full color, 6 5/8" by 10 1/4"
  • Grades 3-7

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Make World of Wildlife part of any educational program about wildlife. This full-color educational comic book teaches about:

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Resources needed by wild animals
  • Different types of wild animals
  • How to observe wildlife
  • How different species are suited to their habitat
  • Life cycles of animals
  • Wildlife populations
  • Threats to wildlife
  • How fish and game laws protect wild animals
  • How to obey fish and game laws
  • How to create wildlife habitat in your backyard, and much more!

Give young people and families lessons they’ll remember for a lifetime!

Use World Of Wildlife to educate young people and families you serve with your conservation district, natural resource conservation agency, fish and wildlife agency, park system, nature organization, or other agency or business interested in promoting wildlife conservation.

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Children WANT to read them, so you KNOW they’ll learn!

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