Search for Soil
Educational Comic Book
Teach children about the amazing world of soil and how our lives depend on this vital resource! Learn more...
  • 16 pages, full color, 6 5/8" by 10 1/4"
  • Grades 3-7
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Soil Science Society Of America Natural Resources Conservation Service, United States Department Of Agriculture Association Of Women Soil Scientists

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Introduce children to the wonders of soil and its importance to our lives with Search For Soil! This full color educational comic book uses words and pictures in a fun adventure story to teach children about this vital resource. Readers will learn a wide range of fascinating soil facts, including:

  • The complex nature of soil:
    • A resource that we use for our benefit
    • A process that is constantly changing
    • A habitat for complex networks of living things
  • The components of soil
  • How soil is formed
  • How fertile soil formation can take thousands of years
  • How soil provides nutrients for plant growth
  • Why fertile soil is vital to human culture
  • How life in soil constantly changes soil
  • The dynamic nature of soil - how it constantly changes through the actions of nature and people
  • The amazing variety of life found in healthy soil
  • How soil in each area is different
  • How scientists describe soils
  • Our planet's limited fertile soil resources
  • Threats to soil resources:
    • Careless use
    • Wind erosion
    • Water erosion
  • How conservation protects and enhances soil
  • Ways that agriculture promotes careful use of soil
  • How each person can help conserve soil resources:
    • Planting trees, shrubs, grasses, and ground cover to reduce erosion
    • Using mulch
    • Making a compost pile
    • Proper lawn care
    • Using native plants
  • And more!

All this, plus Fun Soil Facts, a Soil Word Search activity, and even a comic strip about The Amazing Earthworm and its vital contribution to soil quality!

Search For Soil helps you present a complete introduction to one of our most important resources - in a format that children WANT to read!

Search For Soil can be distributed for independent learning or used in structured educational programs. Use Search For Soil for Arbor Day, Earth Day, Ag In The Classroom programs, public information programs, classroom presentations, natural resource fairs and community education programs.

This effective and easy to use teaching tool is perfect for use by teachers, soil scientists, school districts, conservation districts, state and national natural resource conservation agencies, nurseries, parks and recreation departments, agricultural organizations, and anyone who wants to teach young people about the treasure of soil!

Written by best-selling author Scott Deschaine and illustrated by award-winning artist and cartoonist Jim Woodring.

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